Lawson Health Research Institute

I’m so excited to finally share this update with you!

London Ontario Research and Laboratory Photography

The Project:

In January and February, I worked with Lawson Health Research Institute to create a library of images for their beautiful new website, which launched last week week. These images will also serve them well into the future, in their newsletters, reports, and social media.

The Process:

Over the course of our shooting schedule, we photographed over 20 labs in four hospital sites across the city – and miraculously, the weather totally cooperated with us!

Working within a tightly packed schedule, we photographed researchers, scientists, and students doing what they do best – furthering scientific knowledge to advance health care world-wide. We were also able to create 45+headshots  and portraits, as well as team photos, in addition to the images of the work going on in the labs.

The Players:

I loved hearing about the wide range of research activities happening right here in London, Ontario, and everyone was so kind and gracious, explaining what they’re doing in clear and simple terms…. and letting me photograph them as well.

You can keep up with Lawson on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and I hope you can join them for London Health Research Day and the Lawson Impact Awards! If you’d like to get involved with health research, you can find out more here.

The Payoff:

I would love to share my favourite images with you; it was so difficult to choose “just” 30! You can view them here: and an even smaller sampling will be added to my Education + Research Portfolio.

Most importantly, my clients were happy with the images, writing: “They [the photos] are fantastic! I really like how you’ve treated the lab vs the clinical space….. In particular, the images have a consistent look and feel, and the Lawson brand is well represented. I like that our amazing people are the focus of many shots, but there are numerous more generic images for use on the website and other material….  It was a pleasure working with you!”

My most sincere thanks to the amazing folks for letting me into their world! I couldn’t be more proud of the research going on in our city.